IT'S FRIDAY! Paralyzed Groom Dances With His Bride To Sam Smith

IT'S FRIDAY! is a weekly dose of fun to help you forget about the week that was and to nudge you into the weekend with a smile. Check back every week for a little bit of Friday frivolity!

This week’s smile may turn into tears because we’re about to show you a very special moment between a bride and groom.

When Hugo Rohling and Cinthia Zanuni got married last month, they knew theirs wouldn’t be a typical first dance.

Rohling, who was left paralyzed in a motorcycle accident five years ago, is in a wheelchair. So, the Brazilian couple worked on choreography to impress their gathered friends and loved ones.

What happened during the dance, though, has warmed the hearts of millions.

While Sam Smith’s 2014 ballad “Make it To Me” played, Rohling was flanked by his brother and father and their legs were strapped to his. With their arms interlocked, the men brought Rohling to his feet so he could dance – if only for a few seconds – with his wife.

“It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen,” wrote Cristian Peña Lopez, who shared video on Facebook. 

On Instagram, Rohling captioned the clip: “Thank God for putting in my life this wonderful woman. Loving, joyful, amusing, full of light … I love you more than anything.”

Watch the romantic moments below:

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