LISTEN: Arcade Fire Debuts 'Baby Mine' From 'Dumbo'

Montreal’s Régine Chassagne and her band Arcade Fire have released their version of “Baby Mine” for the soundtrack to the live-action remake of Dumbo.

The song, written by Frank Churchill and Ned Washington, was performed by Betty Noyes in the original 1941 animated movie.

"It’s a story we need to tell again,” Chassagne said, in a statement. “A lot has changed since 1941, and we are still on that quest to allow for all people to accept and celebrate who they are on this planet.”

Chassagne’s six-year-old son Eddie, with her husband and Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler, plays triangle on the track; Butler’s mother Liza Rey plays jazz harp; and his brother (and bandmate) Will Butler plays a theremin.

Dumbo hits cinemas on March 29.

Listen to "Baby Mine" below: