Machine Gun Kelly Wants To 'Cancel' Canadian-Made Swedish Fish


Machine Gun Kelly has made headlines this week for pledging to “cancel” Swedish Fish candies until fellow rapper A$AP Rocky is freed from prison in Stockholm.

“F**k Swedish Fish, man,” Kelly replied. “Cancel Swedish Fish until ASAP’s free.”

Kelly was prompted to make the statement by a TMZ reporter who asked if he would “boycott any of the Swedish products” in protest. The reporter listed Swedish Fish, IKEA and Spotify.

(To be fair, IKEA is actually a Dutch company with ties to Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.)

Kelly wisely didn’t shade the Swedish company that streams his music – but choosing to boycott the delicious red candy fish won’t have an impact on Sweden.

Swedish Fish candy sold in North America are actually manufactured in Hamilton, Ont. and Turkey by American company Mondelēz International.