WATCH: Drake Shows Off $1.3M Outfit

Drake recently showed off an outfit worth $1.3 million CAD.

On a special OVO edition of the vlog How Much Is Your Outfit, the Toronto rap star revealed he was decked out in an $11,000 (all figures U.S.) custom Brioni jacket over a $2,000 Tom Ford turtleneck with a pair of $1,000 Tom Ford pants and crocodile shoes worth $15,000.

Drake accessorized with a Richard Mille RM 69 watch valued at $750,000 and a $200,000 custom chain from Jason of Beverly Hills. He also sported two “priceless” bracelets – one from his son and one from a fan.

All tolled, Drake’s outfit was worth $979,000 – not counting the value of his underwear.