WATCH: John Legend, Adam Levine Sing About 'Stinky Booty'

John Legend and Adam Levine are doing double daddy duty whilst singing about a stinky booty in a Pampers commercial that debuted on U.S. television during the Super Bowl.

Backed by a group of fathers with infants strapped to their chests, Legend sings “somebody’s got a stinky booty” to his 8-month-old son Miles while daughter Luna, 2, looks on. Then Levine is seen changing 1-year-old daughter Gio Grace’s diaper and singing “and Daddy’s going to clean it up.”

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Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen shows up at the end of the spot. “Must we do this every time?”

Legend and Levine do not appear together in the commercial, which is a follow-up to one Legend did with Luna last summer.

Watch the new commercial below: