• Embarrassing fail on Wheel of Fortune

    This has to be one of the most pathetic moments in Wheel of Fortune history. This contestant will sourly regret not know his classics!
  • Trying to steal from the Pope!

    This little girl just earned some serious bragging rights! Not only did she meet the Pope, but she even tried to steal his zucchetto!
  • Explosion and fire in an ammunition depot

    Ever wonder what happens when an ammunition depot catches fire? Explosions, fire, and even more explosions... lots and lots of explosions! This dramatic video was filmed in the Ukraine by some witnesses. 20,000 people had to be evacuated because of this terrible accident.
  • Beautiful commercial promoting tourism in Quebec

    This is the brand new commercial released by Quebec Original to promote tourism in "La Belle Province." We got to admit that they did a good job and captured some gorgeous shots for this new campaign.
  • You can't fool this cat

    The man in this video desperately tries to fool a cat with his magic trick, but fails miserably. We're pretty sure that this cutie could beat a whole bunch of people at this game!
  • Tesla's Autopilot saves lives

    Tesla cars are equipped with the famous Autopilot mode that can almost drive the car by itself. As you'll see in this video, this advanced feature is very efficient at preventing accidents.
  • Strings and Glock

    This "musician" uses two Glock pistols to play the Radetsky March by Johann Strauss. Strings and guns, who would have thought?!
  • Automatic dartboard only lets you hit bullseye

    Do you suck at darts? Would you miss the bullseye even if your life depended on you hitting it? These guys invented a dartboard that will automatically move to help you score big points. Check this out!
  • Morphin' Time!

    With the new Power Rangers movie just around the corner, take a moment to enjoy what this man has done. His rendition of the Rangers' theme is very well executed. This is a very talented "one-man band!"
  • Does water swirl differently in the North than it does in the South?

    Some urban legends just won't go away. Take this whole thing about water swirling in opposite directions, whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere or in the Southern Hemisphere. This video should put an end to that... but we're willing to bet that it won't.
  • Dutch commentator has things he wants to say

    Turkey and the Netherlands have been exchanging diplomatic jabs for a few weeks now. Watch what happened when teams from each country played against each other. Let's just say that the Dutch commentator had a few comments to add to the action.
  • A spectacular pianist

    Now, that is one great pianist. Not only does this man play really well, but he certainly knows how to give a good show. Watch how he ends his fantastic performance!
  • $95 buffet

    Ever wondered what's in a $95 buffet? The guys at Tasty Presents went to Las Vegas and compared a $7 buffet with a couple of fancier ones offered in the city. Caviar and Champagne for $95! Which one would you choose?
  • Strange commercial for a Mouse laptop

    Flirtatious dancing "mice" dressed in black, weird salespeople and a catchy jingle. Japanese commercials are something else, but this is weird and sexist.
  • Wife and/or girlfriend?

    Mohammed Anas seemed to make a slip of the tongue while being interviewed after a game... or he totally said something he shouldn't have! You be the judge.
  • Aftermath of a collision between two planes

    Two small planes collided over a shopping mall in Saint-Bruno Qc., here's a video filmed immediately after one of the planes fell to the ground. The second plane ended on the mall's roof.
  • Turkey stops fight

    A turkey shows a couple of roosters who's really ruling the roost!
  • Skateboarding on frozen sand

    We never thought that one could skateboard on frozen sand, but here it is! These Norwegian teens filmed themselves doing just that on a frozen beach in northern Norway. The result is a mesmerizing and gorgeous short film. Enjoy!
  • Monkey business

    See how monkeys react when you don't pay them equally for the same type of "work." Suffice it to say that primates react exactly like humans would, when faced with a wage gap.
  • Some animated movies have different versions

    Animated movies have become very sophisticated and extremely intricate, but did you know that entire scenes are different, depending of where on the planet you're watching them? This video shows five examples of such changes.