It’s often said, the car you drive says a lot about your personality!

So what does your ride say about you?

“I’m adventurous  and sporty?  Smart and sexy?  Rugged and outdoorsy?”

Take the quiz below to Find Your Ride with your GTA Mitsubishi Dealer and discover your “inner Mitsubishi!" 

Based on your responses (so be honest, okay?) … you’ll be matched with the  Mitsubishi that best reflects the true you!  And since every GTA Mitsubishi Dealer has so many amazing models … aren’t you curious about which one the quiz picks for you? 

Find your Ride and enter to win 1 of 10 Premium Detailing Packages and the Grand Prize of $1,000!

What's your ride?

  1. It’s Monday morning where are you headed?

  2. What’s in your trunk?

  3. Home sweet home:

  4. What’s for dinner?

  5. TGIF! What’s the plan?