Brad Pitt Bids Six Figures To Watch 'Game Of Thrones' With Emilia Clarke – But Lost!

Not many of us have had the pleasure of watching Game of Thrones with the Mother of Dragons herself, and despite a very solid effort, Brad Pitt won’t be joining their ranks just yet.

Variety reports, the actor bid $120,000 at a charity gala to watch an episode of hit HBO series with star Emilia Clarke, only to be outbid.

Taking place Saturday night in Los Angeles at Sean Penn’s annual gala for Haiti, the auction reportedly started at $20,000 and quickly escalated. Pitt first bid $80,000, then upped his amount to $90,000, and when Clarke’s costar Kit Harrington offered to join the viewing party, Pitt went to all the way to $120,000. An unnamed gala attendee won the auction with a whopping $160,000.

According to Us Weekly, “Emilia was covering her mouth and giggling. Leo [DiCaprio] enthusiastically watched the whole auction, turning his head back and forth between Brad and Emilia. … [Pitt] laughed hysterically when he gave up and they called him out for it.”