Colton Haynes Slams Hollywood Homophobia

Colton Haynes is calling out homophobia at the highest levels in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old star, who came out publicly last year, took to Twitter this week to complain about how the powers-that-be can’t see past an actor’s personal life.

“Hollywood is so f***ed up,” he wrote. “So much of the focus is on your personal life & has nothing to do with the talent you have to bring to the table.”

Haynes added that he is "so disappointed in how Hollywood cant understand that playing a character has nothing to do with how u live your personal life.”

He lauded out openly gay producers he has worked for: Ryan Murphy, Greg Berlanti and Jeff Davis. “They believe gay actor are more than just their personal lives.”

When Haynes landed his breakout role on Teen Wolf, lawyers tried to wipe the Internet of provocative photos he posed for as a teenager that were published in a gay magazine.

He went on to play roles in the Vancouver-shot series Arrow and in the 2015 movie San Andreas as well as the new American Horror Story: Cult.

Haynes’ tweets sparked positive responses from other out-of-the-closet actors. Billy Eichner replied with one word: “AMEN.”

Andy Mientus, who plays Pied Piper on the made-in-Vancouver series The Flash, tweeted at Haynes: “I'm afraid I know exactly what you're talking about. Be strong, brother.”