Injured Ryan Phillippe Shares Sexy Selfie

Actor Ryan Phillippe – a 42-year-old father of an 18-year-old and soon-to-be 14-year-old – showed off his chiseled physique on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Getting bak in fightin’ shape,” the star captioned the photo. “War ready.”

The sexy selfie was ostensibly to show fans the progress Phillippe is making as he recovers from a horrific leg injury sustained earlier this summer.

“I was the victim of a freak accident during a family outing,” the Shooter star explained at the time. “My leg is badly broken & required surgical attention, but I will make a full recovery.”

In Tuesday’s snap, Phillippe’s left leg is still in a protective boot and there’s a walking stick leaning against the wall behind him.

But who’s even noticing his injured limb? It’s the star’s washboard abs that are getting the most attention.

“This is out of shape?,” one person commented.

“How the hell can someone look like that after weeks of being laid up with a cast and unable to work out?,” asked someone.

Another wrote: “All I want for Christmas is for you to stay shirtless for the rest of your life every day.”

“Hotness personified,” someone commented.

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