Kate Hudson Under Fire For C-Section Comment

Kate Hudson is being criticized for suggesting that a Cesarean section is taking the easy way out (so to speak).

In the October issue of Cosmopolitan, the 38-year-old actress was asked to share the laziest thing she has ever done. Her response: “Have a C-section!”

Hudson has a 13-year-old son, Ryder, with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Hundreds of miffed moms took to Hudson’s Instagram to fight back.

“I’ve had 3 C-sections. And it’s by far not the ‘laziest thing I’ve ever done.’ Come on @katehudson you must have known you were gonna get hate on for that answer,” wrote one.

Commented another: “I have lost all respect for you @katehudson !! this was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life and you're calling it lazy! Zero RESPECT given here anymore!”

“Maybe if us c section moms were made to feel like s**t and less than moms for now giving birth vaginally, we could all just laugh this off as a bad joke,” another woman wrote.

Many, though, don’t see what the fuss is about.

“Why is everyone so insulted?! She felt lazy because she didn't want to leave the hospital and come back so she opted for a csection,” reads one comment.

“Her story is different than all of yours. Nobody can tell her how she feels, and she felt lazy because she opted for it when it wasn't necessary.”