People Think They've Figured Out Kylie Jenner's Baby's Name

With Kylie Jenner's baby reveal video this past Sunday comes speculation about her little girl's name.

That name fans thinks they've figured out? Mariposa, which is Spanish for 'butterfly'. 

Here are the 'clues'. Follow along, if you will....

- Jenner's pregnancy reveal video had plenty of butterflies in it, including shots of a butterfly themed nursery and on her baby shower cake.

- She got matching butterfly tattoos with her boyfriend and father of her baby girl, Travis Scott. 

- Scott released a single called 'Butterfly Effect'.

- Jenner's mom Kris posted a picture of her daughter's beauty products a day after the baby was born. The limited edition glosses are called 'Posie K'- short for Mariopsa?! Fans think so!

Even if Jenner's fans are wrong about the name, we have to give them some credit... they're certainly paying close attention!