Terry Crews Recalls Sexual Assault

Actor Terry Crews said Tuesday the allegations of sexual harassment by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein have given him post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME,” the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star shared on Twitter.

Crews recalled attending a Hollywood function last year with his wife when “a high level  Hollywood executive” grabbed his crotch. “Jumping back I said ‘What are you doing?!’ My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk.”

Crews said he resisted the urge to “kick his a**” because he didn’t want to end up in jail.

“That night and the next day I talked to everyone I knew that worked with him about what happened,” he recalled. “He called me the next day with an apology but never really explained why he did what he did.”

Crews, 49, said he didn’t pursue it because he didn’t want to be ostracized in the industry, which he said is expected “when the predator has power [and] influence.”

Crews said he hopes sharing his story “will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless.”