Woman Grabs George Clooney's Chin At TIFF

Let's face it, it's hard not to go crazy for George Clooney.

A woman in the crowd outside the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Surbicon on Saturday couldn't help but go for a full grandma-esque chin grab when Clooney came close to her.

A photo of the moment has gone viral.

The actor seemed to be a good sport about the face-grab but some fans aren't impressed. "Please stop sharing the grandma squeezing clooney's face at tiff like it's adorable," tweeted one. "what if every fan squeezed his chin?"

Sadly, Suburbicon isn't getting as many positive reviews as the photo, with critics calling it a "misfire" and "disappointment."

Maybe Clooney can turn to his Toronto nonna for advice on his next film.