Pride Toronto 2019

Pride Toronto is back for the month of June, with countless events and activities throughout the city! CLICK HERE for the 2019 Pride Guide! CLICK HERE to grab more details and tickets for events!


Pride Toronto is a not-for-profit organization that supports the queer communities of our city and beyond. We work to ensure equal rights and representation for every person of diverse sexual and gender identities.


The annual Pride Toronto Festival is our central rallying point- inviting us to come together to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and to pursue what still needs to be done. Through our programming, outreach, and undeniable presence, we let people know that they are not alone. We create a space for both the current and the next generation to express who they truly are. We help bring issues to light, build understanding, challenge convention, and effect change.


A pillar of Pride Toronto’s programming is our annual Pride Month, which culminates with the Pride Parade- the largest Pride celebration in North America, and a major cultural event on the world stage.


We are led by the communities we serve and supported by an incredible network of volunteers. Our collective diversity allows us to foster important conversations at the intersection of age, geography, race, religion, socio-economics, and experience. We are proud to reflect and serve such a multifaceted membership- one that is united in its desire to be our true selves without fear.