Madonna's Eurovision Vocals Cleaned-Up For YouTube

Madonna is doing damage control.

The 60-year-old pop icon has posted video of her live performance on the Eurovision Song Contest finals in Tel Aviv on Saturday – but not before having her vocals digitally altered.

Madonna’s original performance of her hit “Like a Prayer” and her new song “Future” was widely slammed for being off-key.

“It was just a really not very good performance at all,” said UK-based Georgina Hill-Brown, who is known as The Honest Vocal Coach. “She wasn’t even close to those notes.”

In her YouTube critique of Madonna’s live performance, Hill-Brown said: “It even seemed like there was some kind of autotune on that, but she’s still out of tune so she must have been so much out of tune that her autotune couldn’t correct it.”

Madonna’s official video of the Eurovision appearance has added more autotune to her cringe-worthy vocals.

Last month, the superstar chose to lip-sync her live performance of “Medellín” on the Billboard Music Awards.