• Weightless

    This is the feel-good video you have to watch today! Be honest, when was the last time you saw such gorgeous images? The video is phenomenal and that song from First Aid Kit is a perfect soundtrack for such a visual feast.
  • Dude Perfect Glow in the Dark Trick Shots

    We love the Dude Perfect videos. This one's pretty neat as it has been filmed with some LEDs and glow-in-the-dark objects. Perfect, as always!
  • Mall Cop 2 : the thriller

    Those of you who watched Mall Cop 2 know it was a terrible movie, but did you know it could have been a huge hit as a thriller? Just take a look at this fan-made trailer... if you dare.
  • The Winter Migration Armada!

    It is pretty common to witness flocks of geese migrating, but have you ever seen that many birds at the same time?!
  • Skittles Halloween (Horror) Commercial

    Skittles decided to create a very cool Halloween commercial that's actually a bit disturbing. Watch it and you'll see that it's a lot different than their usual unicorns and rainbows.
  • DO NOT Pull Someone's Hair During a Rugby Match!

    We think it's fair to say that rugby players have a lot in common with hockey players. Dirty moves will get you in trouble!
  • Well Executed Stunt

    These 2 acrobats are not reinventing the wheel, but they're definitely pulling this trick very smoothly.
  • Cleaning-Up the Ocean Garbage Patch

    Do you remember Boyan Slat, the kid that wanted to clean up the oceans with an invention of his own? He's slowly moving forward with his project to clean up the giant garbage floating in the Pacific!
  • We should have listened to what Courtney Love had to say about Harvey Weinstein

    Courtney Love has said a whole bunch of crazy things throughout the years, but this piece of advice from 2005 was spot on.
  • These 2 Men Barely Escape the California Wildfire

    This is an unbelievable video of two men escaping the California wildfire. Yes, the language is very crude, but you'd probably swear too if you had to run and drive through flames.
  • Easter Egg in Russian Utility Van

    The GAZelle Next is a Russian utility van that has a nice hidden feature. Hopefully, the people who will unlock it won't play during their morning commute.
  • Fidget Spinner in Space

    One would think that the Fidget Spinner craze is finally over, but it seems like NASA didn't get the memo. That being said, their video using the useless toy in space is kinda cool.
  • Digging for Nuts

    This squirrel just found a perfect hiding spot for his food. That dog looks like it wants to say something...
  • Epic Mountain Prank

    This is the kind of prank that makes you re-think your life. You never really were in danger but man...
  • Clear Pond Diving

    It's Friday and it's getting colder. We can mourn for summer by watching this video and remembering the good times!
  • Bus Hanger-On

    What is this guy doing? Why is he doing it? What is he hoping to gain? Listen to the driver... Just stop!
  • Elimination Strike

    The US soccer team was eliminated yesterday on this insane goal. They also scored on their own goal but we don't have to talk about that...
  • Pool Shark

    The common reaction to finding a shark in a pool is not to grab it and chuck it into the ocean. Things are upside down in Australia...
  • These Foxes Aren't Camery-Shy

    Next on fox news... no, not Fox news! News about foxes! Anyway, here are foxes having fun with a camera!
  • Hot-Air Tightroping

    Makes you wonder what the brainstorming that came up with this stunt looked like. Did anybody think that maybe this was INSANE?