Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society is so excited to be holding an all day Rescue DOG (any dog) Resource Seminar on Sat. Nov 3,2018. 
Anyone who may be thinking about adopting a dog or those looking for some answers to common behavioural, nutritional and medical issues they may currently be experiencing will really benefit from this seminar. 

Are you and you dog struggling from Separation Anxiety, Leash Reactivity, or Resource Guarding? 
Are you confused about all the "Do's and Do Not's " with regards to vaccinating? 
Struggling with so many dog food options and how to feed your dog properly?
Are you thinking about adopting a rescue dog but have SO many questions?

We understand the frustration and confusion so many adopters face in their first few months with their new furry family members and their need for some real resolves that are SO often simple to implement. Spend the day with our trainers, vets and some of our adopters and get the answers you may be looking for.
If you are thinking about adopting a rescue dog this is the place to be.

Join us along with our dog training partners at Calming K9 Dog Training,  our vets Dr. Fraser Davidson and Dr Suann Hosie along with some of our rescue dog adopters and get a whole days worth of fantastic information.

Please note, no dogs are allowed as this is a lecture and small group interactive event. Only our trainers dogs will be in attendance. 
Registration is OPEN. $ 40.00 plus taxes 
Tickets available at the door depending on availability