Celebrate Canadian creativity and innovation, with Science World’s original exhibition, Made in Canada, presented by YVR — where you drive the creative process! Get hands-on and build the fastest bobsled, construct a stunning piece of Vancouver architecture and create your own Canadian sound mashup, to share with friends.

Vote for your favourite Canadian inventions and test fly a plane of your design. Discover famous (and not-so-famous, but super neat) Canadian inventions. Learn about amazing, local innovations like robots that teach themselves, one-person electric cars and a computer that uses parallel universes. Imagine what you can create here, eh!!

Take the quiz below for your chance to win a 4-pack of admission passes to Science World!

Contest ends Sunday, June 4th at 11:59pm. Approximate value of prize $110CAD.

Made in Canada Quiz

  1. 1 According to surveys, many Canadians have, at sometime in their life, experienced childhood. Thinking back to that time, which classic Made in Canada childhood gag was not deadly and not silent?

  2. 2 This proud Canuck company once dominated the global mobile communications market, until some upstart fruit company came along and stole it from us.

  3. 3 There are inventions that we think are Canadian, but they are not, like ice hockey. I know that ain’t Skookum, but we just have to grin and bear it. Boo hoo! Let’s get serious, please. Which of the following are not Canadian inventions?

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