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  • Working Out with a Justice!

    Who would be a better workout partner than a Supreme Court justice? Look at her shirt! Ps: she's 85 years old!
  • Little Boy Weather

    This guy is gonna revolutionize the weather news! This kid's good!
  • Canned Ramsey

    A lot of people think that Gordon Ramsey is too hard on chefs. Sometimes it's deserved!
  • The Second Coming of Deadpool!

    Deadpool was a huge success at the box office and we're getting a second one! Who's excited!
  • A Boat Losing its Cars

    Does it seem like the dudes you see in this video are both strangely calm, as these two giant boats crash into each other and stuff falls into the sea?
  • A Close Call with a Bus

    This is the kind of thing that makes you not want to get back on your motorcycle for a while. Also, everyone's veering to the right, why would you do the opposite!