A High School in Ontario is offering 'Adulting' Classes for Students

It seems like high school doesn't prepare you for 99% of the things you'll have to deal with as an adult. Sure, you know what the Pythagorean theorem is. How exactly is that going to help you when you get a flat tire?!

For years people have been complaining that school isn't teaching you the essentials you need to succeed as an adult in society. 


Finally, a school in Ontario is updating their curriculum to include some of these vital life skills. E.J. Lajeunesse in Windsor is offering "Adulting" lessons for the grade twelve students at the school.

More than one hundred students are learning life skills to prepare them for adulthood, including:

  • Car maintenance: changing a tire, checking oil.
  • Home maintenance: patching a hole in drywall, checking breakers, using power tools.
  • Financial planning: budgeting, credit cards.
  • Clothing: sewing a button, hemming pants, how to iron and sort laundry.
  • Cooking for one: five meals you can make with one rotisserie chicken.
  • Mindfulness: stress management.

Bravo E.J. Lajeunesse, BRAVO!