Billie Eilish releases 'Bad Guy' Remix with Justin Bieber

billie eilish

Justin Bieber has been called a 'bad guy' in the past, but now he gets to own it in his version of the popular Billie Eilish song:

Billie Eilish has gushed in the past about her love of Justin Bieber, even saying "I want to be famous just to meet [him]"

Her dream came true at Coachella this year when she was the headliner for Saturday of the music festival, and now her favourite singer is on a remix on her most successful song.

It had been teased the past few days and today on her YouTube channel, the audio dropped for the Beiber remix.

The video even features a young Billie in a room filled with posters of Bieber, making us all feel nostaligic and a bit old.

What do you think of the remix with Justin Bieber? His vocals come in around the 1:27 mark.