Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's 2nd Wedding Date spilled by Dr. Phil

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Dr. Phil pulled a Diplo when he made Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's second wedding plans public on Instagram.

The TV shrink spilled the beans by commenting on a pic Turner posted that shows her kissing Jonas in front of the Eiffel Tower.


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Now I know you're asking yourself, "didn't they already get married in Vegas?" Yes, they did. Which everyone found out about because Diplo live streamed the entire thing on Instagram. But thanks to Life coach Mike Bayer, we also found out they were planning another ceremony in Paris thanks to him sharing a photo of the pair’s save the date that read, “Sophie and Joe 2019 France.

This time Dr. Phil ruined the surprise by commenting on the Paris pic with: "Easy now! One week to go!” Dr. Phil wrote. "See you at the wedding!"  

Spoiler alert indeed! 

I think it's safe to assume the wedding will be on July 1st since that is exactly 1 week from when Dr. Phil left the comment.

That brings up an interesting question, which is going to be bigger news, Canada Day or Joe & Sophie's wedding??

At this rate, they should honestly just announce the location to the world so we can celebrate the big day with them!