Return the Baby Goat!

The search is on for a baby goat that was snatched from a farm in Ladysmith over the weekend. Yellow Point Farm is pleading with whoever has him to bring him back so he can be with his mother, no questions asked. A $1,200 reward is also being offered to anyone with information that will lead to the return of the goat to its rightful owners. 

The goat is only days old and needs milk from his mother and she’s been crying for him ever since. He is gold in colour with blue eyes, many moon-spots on his body and a belt of white on his left side. 

Since the story was first shared people have been voicing their sadness and anger over the theft of the baby. There's not really much I can do, but I thought maybe the power of music could compel the thief to have a change of heart. Or maybe just give everyone a bit of a laugh to lighten the mood. I don't handle serious situations well.