The Office is Leaving Netflix at the end of 2020

Screengrab: The Office via NBC Universal

NBC announced that it's taking back The Office from Netflix when the show’s contract expires in 2020 and will launch a new streaming service in 2020.



Netflix has created a monster. Now that everyone is creating their own streaming service, all of our favourite shows from different networks are leaving the Netflix platform. NBC is launching it's own service and taking The Office with it.

The good news is that you have 18 months to binge to your hearts content until it leaves, and figure out your options for keeping The Office in your life.


  1.  Prepare your wallet to cough up more cash for ANOTHER streaming service. 
  2. This option, pointed out by @TVMoJoe on Twitter:



        3. Or accept what's about to happen and give a new show a try from Steve Carrell & Greg Daniels?



JK, we know that won't be good enough. But it was worth a shot!