What's Trending- June 10th

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Raptors Game 5 tonight

6pm tonight could be the FINAL game in the NBA finals, Raptors vs Golden State Warriors. Raptors currently lead the series 3-1 and if they win tonight, it’s all over and it will be the first time in league history that a canadian team would take the championship trophy home.



Canada moving on single-use plastics ban but will determine products later

Shifting the burden for plastics recycling from municipalities to corporations will be more cost effective, boost recycling rates and better protect the environment, says the prime minister.


Trashed Kitten has Long List of People that want to adopt Her!

Animal Control says there is a long list of people wishing to give her a home, but she can't be adopted out until she gains weight, and is old enough to be spayed.


Justin Bieber just said he wants to fight Tom Cruise 'in the octagon'

On Sunday night, the 25-year-old challenged the 56-year-old to fight on Twitter, quickly attracting the attention of Bieber’s 106 million fans.


But maybe Justin was just joking? Today he tweeted out a video that a fan made, depicting Bieber & Cruise fighting and Tom KO'd Biebs pretty easily.