What's Trending- June 13th

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Move Over, Meatless Meat: "Fishless Fish" Is Hitting the Market

In light of meatless burgers' popularity, "fishless fish" is hitting the market. This fish is actually fish that's grown in a lab or through other "land-based production systems."

It's viewed as a cleaner, less controversial alternative to farmed salmon.



Taylor Swift Announces Album Name & Release Date

'Lover' is coming August 23rd! Could this include a song featuring Katy Perry? It's rumoured that the two have reconciled and could be releasing a song called "Let's Be Friends" this Friday.



Home prices nearly double what Canadian millennials can afford, says report


Langford-Opoly game coming to West Shore Walmart this week

Can't afford real estate? Play Monopoly instead! Game features local haunts like Darcy’s Pub, Hatley Castle and Luxton Fair



Maybe Second Time’s the Charm? Raptors Try Again to Secure Championship

Raptors couldn’t make it happen at home on Monday so maybe tonight it’ll happen! They’re playing in Oakland vs Golden State. The Series is 3-2 with Raptors just one win away from a first in franchise history.

Tonight, Sarah McLaughlin is going to be singing O Canada, a true treasure.