What's Trending- June 4th

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Ulta Beauty Is Finally Coming To Canada

America's favourite beauty chain is coming to Canada.




Vic PD needs help tracking down a BUTT-hurt driver

Were You Near Broughton & Blanshard On Monday, around 4 PM? Vic PD Needs your help to identify a truck driver in a road rage incident.


You Can Drink 25 Cups of Coffee a Day & Still Not Damage Your Arteries

You won't believe how much coffee you can drink and still not screw up your arteries.

  • A new study shows that you can drink 25 cups per day and not damage your arteries.
  • At least as shocking as that finding is the fact that there were actually some study participants who drink 25 cups of coffee per day.



A Vancouver man was fined $18K after attempting to smuggle 19 turtles into the country

Hopefully they weren't snapping turtles...