Woman on video licking tub of ice cream

ice cream

Well this is disgusting! 

Police in Texas are looking for a woman who’s seen in a video taking the lid off a tub of ice cream, giving it a biiiiig lick and then putting it back on the shelf in the grocery store freezer.

You can hear a man’s voice encouraging her to "lick it, lick it lick it!"…and then put it back…

Which she does, with a big smile on her face. A face which, as you can see, is in full view, on a video that's been seen more than 11 million times since it was uploaded to Twitter last weekend.

Blue Bell Creameries, who makes the ice cream, said they're taking the incident very seriously and are working with law enforcement to identify the icecream-licker. Tampering with a consumer product is a second-degree felony.