Caring For Kids


Join 103.1 Virgin Radio and Sleep Country to help sick kids who need it most, with our ‘Caring For Kids’ initiative!


Text the word KIDS to 103103 now, and when you do, $1 will be donated to The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba up to $1,000, courtesy of Sleep Country – a better tomorrow starts tonight!


Your actions can support the staff at CHF, and contribute towards purchasing vital equipment and services that help to change lives here in Manitoba, for families and kids like Mikayla.


Mikayla was just 4 years old when she started suffering from stomach pains and night terrors. Her worried parents took her to doctors. X-rays initially seemed to suggest that she was just badly constipated, but mom Sarah knew her daughter’s pains were far more serious. That’s when the family’s pediatrician scheduled Mikayla for an ultrasound at Children’s Hospital. Within an hour, Sarah was told that her beloved daughter had a tumour the size of a grapefruit. It was Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. Cancer – the word every parent silently dreads. And so the family’s fight to save their daughter began.



Over the next eighteen months, Mikayla fought her way through six rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant and 20 rounds of radiation. She was in isolation for an entire month! Finally, doctors were able to operate to remove the four-year-old’s tumour and kidney.


Mikayla went back to school and starting to feel “normal” again, but has recently become quite ill again. She has an antibody in her in her spinal fluid which is slowly attacking her body and her brain. Doctors have started her on a new chemotherapy-like treatment. The family is tired but hopeful that Mikayla can be cured again.


Donations collected by Sleep Country and the ‘Caring For Kids’ program can help to honour the strength and courage of Mikayla, along with all of the other children cared for throughout the year by The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Donations buy equipment, like vital sign monitors. Donations fund research. Donations support the special services that give extra care to families of children in danger. Donations bring hope to hundreds of Manitobans each year.


One text message could make a world of difference today! Please consider showing your support!