Think of it like ‘The Voice’, except you’re playing for pizza. And it’s a lot easier to win.


103.1 Virgin Radio and Pizza Hotline present ‘Sing For Your Supper’.


Every weekday at 2:22 pm, we’ll pick a winner to receive a $25 Pizza Hotline gift card, good for a meal later that night. BUT – in order to win it, we’re asking you to sing the Pizza Hotline jingle.


You have 2 ways to ‘Sing For Your Supper’…


  1. Call our Hotline at 204-477-2075 and leave us a message containing your name, number and your rendition of the Pizza Hotline jingle.
  2. Record a video of yourself singing the Pizza Hotline jingle and send it to us using social media, with the hashtag #Pizza1031


If we play your cover on the radio, you’ll win a $25 Pizza Hotline gift card.


Ready to ‘Sing For Your Supper’? Looking forward to hearing you!


You know the Pizza Hotline jingle, right? Click here for an audio sample.