Barrie residents pack Dunlop Street for Canada Day celebrations

People in Barrie didn't let wet weather in the morning deter them from celebrating Canada Day.

Thousands packed downtown streets Friday for the first Canada Day celebration in two years, not restricted by pandemic measures.

Two of which were father and son duo, Andrew and Edward Hill, who spent their afternoon sharing a pint of beer on a local patio.

"This is my home, my adoptive country, the best place in the world to live," said Andrew, who moved to Canada from England 35 years ago. "This is the place that I chose and I wouldn't go anywhere else, it's just wonderful to be here."

For others, Canada Day served as an opportunity to meet up with friends they hadn't seen in a while.

"I haven't been out for a long-time, this is a first and it's really nice to see people," said Cheryl Blanchard. "Especially after the pandemic, it's nice to reconnect with everyone once again and celebrate."

People enjoyed live music and entertainment around Meridian Place well into the evening.