What's In The Bear's Box?

What's In The Bear's Box

We're towing a big ass box all around town and it could score you $10,000!

We'll announce a clue each weekday morning at 7:40 as to what's in The Bear's Box. Then listen for The Bear's Box keywords at the top of every hour from 8AM-8PM. Get in as the 103rd texter, take your shot at guessing What's In The Bear's Box and you could score $10,000!

Be careful as your guess has to be BANG-FREAKIN'-ON! We’re talking right down to a color, size, make, model, year kind of guess...no vague general guesses here people!!!!

We'll even help you out and post all of the previous guesses BELOW!

Powered by Alpine Credits and your "Loves to piss you off with annoying guessing games" station, 100.3 The Bear.


"How specific does my guess need to be?"
Please see the 'BANG-FREAKIN'-ON' appendix in the text above. You can't say something as simple as "A Pen" and get away with it. We're looking for things like; ball-point or fountain, what colour is it, does it have a button or cap, did it get you high in high school... that kind of stuff. "It's a blueberry scented Mr. Sketch water colour marker that my bud Sean got me hooked on in grade 7." I don't know, it seems like something a Sean would do.

“Can I see a picture of the box?”
Please see above. If the picture didn't load for you... it's a freakin' box! It's wooden, it's a rectangle, has a sign on it that says "What's in The Bear's Box?" What more do you want?

"If I see you on the mean streets of Edmonton, can I come say hi?"
Our team always loves to see your smiling faces, no matter how many teeth you're missing. We just ask that if you do, you adhear to government restrictions and maintain a safe distance. We will use a hockey stick and we don't care about slashing penalties.

"Can I text in my guess?"
You can feel free to text us as many guesses as you want, but we'll never tell you if you're right or wrong. Just like the masses, you have to listen for the keyword at the top of the hour from 8AM - 8PM every weekday, text it to 666-666 and if we call you back, then you get to tell us loud and proud.

"Can you tell me what text # I am, so I know how close I am?"
No can do! We punch 103 into our fancy textymajigger and it pulls up the 103rd text in. Otherwise, we would have to manually scroll through thousands of texts to find your number then count out where it is. Sorry, but we don't get paid nearly enough for that.

"Why am I getting a 'thanks for playing' so long after you played the sound."
Contrary to popular belief, technology isn't perfect. Our 'thank you' text tries to send itself out as soon as the code word text is sent, but as there are THOUSANDS of you awesome people all texting at the same time (possibly on company time... we don't judge) sometimes the system can get overloaded and slow up.

"There's a delay on streaming, do I even have any chance of getting in?"
This goes back to that "technology's not perfect" thing. Unfortunately yes, there is a delay when you listen to 100.3 The Bear on a streaming device BUT fortunately we've had TONS of people get in who are streaming. You just might have to be a little quicker on the draw.

"How many times can we text in?"
As per our rules that we know YOU ALL READ...  "Limit of one (1) Main Entry per individual per Entry Period, regardless of the method of entry."

"Do you block numbers from outside Alberta?"
We do not. But when we do call, we will make sure you are part of the best province in Canada. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT... don't @ me bro. Our contest is restricted to the province of Alberta.

“Why am I getting charged for texting you?”
Your mobile plan might just suck. We unfortunately have no control over this and that is why you’ll find in our rules and in every contest response you get from us that “Messaging rates may apply.”

No purchase necessary. Contest starts at 8:00 a.m. MST on March 1, 2021 and closes at 8:10 p.m. MST on April 30, 2021. Open to legal residents of Alberta, Canada who are of the age of majority in the province in which they reside. Some restrictions apply. Correct answer to a mathematical skill-testing question required. A total amount of $70,000.00 CAD in cash prizes is available to be won. The maximum amount that can be offered as a prize is $10,000. The odds of becoming a contestant for a chance to win a prize will depend upon the total number of eligible entries received during each entry period. Odds of winning a prize will depend upon the contestant’s ability to identify the item in the box. Number of prizes available to be won throughout the contest will decrease as they are awarded. Complete contest rules and information about entry available at thebearrocks.com.