Edmonton post-secondaries extend online learning due to Omicron spread


The University of Alberta, MacEwan University and NAIT are extending online learning until late February.

The three schools plan to return to in-person learning after reading week if transmission of the Omicron variant slows down.

“Given what we currently know about the anticipated peak of Omicron, we have a high degree of confidence that we can safely return to campuses and our full Winter 2022 schedule of in-person courses on Feb. 28," U of A President Bill Flanagan said.

NAIT said the risks of in-person learning outweigh the benefits right now and MacEwan said the extension will give its community more time to get booster shots.

Concordia University and NorQuest College have not said if they will also extend online learning.

As of now, the two plan to return to in-person instruction after Jan. 31.