The Jess Jackson Show


I’m a small town Manitoban at heart, (HI SNOW LAKE MOTOR INN!!) but officially Albertan since 09. I live in Edmonton with my husband Dan, our son, and our 2 pups Lloyd and Maggie.

Some Faves?
Playing: Golf and Softball 
Eating: Soup and Lasagna 
Listening to: Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Blink 182 
Watching: Whatever is playing on AMC
Here’s what you should know about my show: I like to sneak punk on whenever I can, sometimes I sing, and if there’s a Simpsons reference or Dumb and Dumber quote about it – I’ll find a way.

Catch the Jackson 5 weekdays at 11:40, Rock Lines with Gramma Vi @ 1:15p and Red White & New Sundays from 4-7p

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