The Toby & Warren Show w/ Warren & Toby

Toby and Warren Show with Warren and Toby


  • I was born in Fort Saskatchewan and raised in Red Deer.
  • Sports: MMA, Hockey and sometimes golf if I’m hungover and can’t reach the remote.
  • Interests: Writing, Watching Documentaries, Sending myself recipe videos on Facebook that I never make.
  • Nobody really knows what to write for a bio – what  would you like to know? That I cheer for the prey when they’re being chased by a predator in any nature documentary? (also the predator, I don’t want them to starve) That I cheer for The Oilers AND The Stampeders? That I haven’t fully unpacked in any place I’ve lived for the past 9 years? Probably not, but now you do.



  • HOME IS: Sherwood Park 
  • LIFE IS: Wrestling, Video Games, and other fat guy stereotypes. 
  • MUSIC IS: HEAVY. Machine Head. Metallica. System Of A Down. 
  • SATISFACTION IS: A well executed Stone Cold Stunner. 
  • ONE LAST THING: You wanna buy a yellow car?