95 Year Old Twins Credit Long Life To No Sex and Lots Of Guinness


Meet Lil and Doris - the Tipton Twins who are now social media sensations!

The two have racked up tons of followers as of late on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as they share their sweet, hilarious, and spunky personalities with the world.

Their new found fame landed the two on a few TV shows, one being U.K.'s "This Morning" where they shared the tip that's making them even more famous!
When asked for tips and tricks for a long life, Lil and Doris told the hosts that there are 2 things that have not only helped them live, but THRIVE well into their 90's... No sex and plenty of Guinness!

The twins live next door to one another in Tipton, England and are staying busy reviewing Jason Statham movies...

updating social media, and getting their workout in with chair yoga!