Anti-Sex Public Bathrooms Will Bust You AND Punish You


Heads up for anyone that likes to bone dance in public bathrooms!

A Welsh town is fed up with couples having sex in their public washrooms, so they now have the technology that will detect vigorous movement AND spray the couple with water!

I guess the hope is the water will stop them in the act...and not encourage them! Come on...a spritz of water in the heat of the moment? Kinda hot!

So, the restrooms at Griffin Park in Porthcawl will soon be set up with the sex trap.

First of all, anyone who wants to USE the washroom will have to pay an undisclosed fee. Also, if more than one person enters to bathroom, the sensors will be able to tell.
Movement sensors will be hidden inside the toilet, and will respond to "violent" activity. They have also been designed to prevent people napping or taking shelter insider; if a user remains in the toilet for too long a warning sound will play, and the lights and heat will be shut off. (via CNN)

The new, anti-sex bathrooms will roll out in October.

More details HERE

Good idea? Or a little much?