Axl Rose Releases His First New Song In a Decade In A Looney Tunes Cartoon


Hard to believe it's been more than 10 years since GnR released the much anticipated Chinese Democracy album.  Maybe we're all trying to forget it hah!

Now, there is still hope and rumors that new music IS on the way from the band, however we get a taste now with a NEW Axl Rose song. 

Where can you hear it? The song is featured on 'New Looney Tunes' via Boomerang apparently. 

The new episode even features Axl as a character! His cartoon debut begins with him asking Bugs Porky and the gang if they can help him get to the civic centre where he’s performing in concert with his band 'Steel Underpants.' Check it out!

It's unknown if GnR or AC/DC backed him in the new song. (Axl fronted AC/DC in 2016 when Brian Johnson had to bow out of the band due to hearing issues.)

We also don't know 100% FOR SURE if it's Axl voicing in the cartoon, but it sure sounds like him! 
Ultimate Classic Rock also brilliantly pointed out that Guns N' Roses did use the Looney Tunes theme to open the shows on their 'Not In This Lifetime Tour'

Also. Don't forget! Last week, guitarist Richard Fortus revealed that there would be new GN’R music “faster than you think.” Was he was referring to the Looney Tunes song all along? Who knows!

For now...That's all folks! ;)


Via Consequence of Sound