B.C. Condo Owner Wins $2,000 Damage Pay For Noisy Neighbour's Toddler


Ever had a noisy neighbour? Maybe you should have took them to court...

Last June, a BC Condo owner Helen Tran left a note for her neighbours above her to keep the noise down. She was specifically asking about the noise from their 4 year old. Apparently the child wakes up as early as 4am, running around, dropping things, and robs the woman of any decent sleep.

After the note was sent, apparently a heated discussion followed. 

Tran then complained before a B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal that the father, "vowed to make more noise if she continued to complain." (via The Georgia Straight)
She filed a claim against the strata council of the Vancouver Island condo development as well. 

Apparently the women had actually kept a detailed log of the noises as well. 
On August 15, for example, Tran made 117 entries for 'noise disturbances ranging from less than 5 seconds to more than 1 minute.'
On September 19, 180 entries.

The tribunal member who ruled in Tran's favour ruled the couple to pay Tran "$2,306.03, broken down $2,000 in damages; $81.03 in prejudgment interest; and  $225.00 in tribunal fees."


Info via The Georgia Straight