College Students Tracked & Penalized For Leaving Football Games Early


I get caring about attendance numbers, but this seems a little extreme!

The University of Alabama has had issues in the past with attendance numbers at football games. Coach Nick Saban claims that it seems to be either fans not showing up for important games, or leaving early.

So, to try and entice students to come to the games and stay for the entire thing, the school had students install a version of an app called FanMaker.
FanMaker tracks the students location while they are inside the stadium. If they leave the game early, the app knows and will not award them loyalty points.
These loyalty points can be used for perks like College Football Playoff tickets.

"The Tide Loyalty Points program works like this: Students, who typically pay about $10 for home tickets, download the app and earn 100 points for attending a home game and an additional 250 for staying until the fourth quarter ... The school has also faced privacy questions about the technology -- especially with Alabama being a public university -- tracking locations, but athletic director Greg Byrne said that students aren't tracked while outside the stadium." (via New York Times)

Loopholes? Students will find them for sure! Andrew Joseph (USA Today) notes: "Give it a couple of weeks until fraternity and sorority pledges are stuck holding dozens of phones for active members."

I guess we'll see how it goes!