Copycat 'Dump & Dunk Dip' is the only reason I get invited to pot lucks


No need to wait for Dunkaroo's to return to the shelves. Make it yourself! I had no idea Dunkaroo's were no longer available for purchase. Why? Because I've been making the dip myself for years. Say goodbye to the years of using your finger trying to get the last of the icing. Say goodbye to tiny containers with not enough cookie to icing ratio. Say HELLO to a batch of "Dump & Dunk Dip" so good you have to keep an eye on guests to ensure they didn't steal the bowl. Say HELLO to a bowl of dip big enough for a neighbourhood block party! 

Take's less than 5min to make. Ingredients are as follows: 

1 box - Rainbow Bit box of cake mix 
2 cups - Plain/Greek yougart
1/2 container - Cool Whip 

Serve with Animal Crackers, Teddy Grahams, fruit, ones finger, etc.... 


- Pam -