Corey Taylor Chats About The Downside Of His Slipknot Mask


In a recent interview with Kerrang, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was chatting about just how tight his mask is on stage.

With how wild the band gets on stage, as you can imagine those masks need to be tight and secure to actually stay on while performing. Taylor claims it can be so tight sometimes it gives him a migraine.

"Once you establish the right balance between pain and pleasure, that’s when you stop realising that you’re wearing a mask and it becomes a part of the show. For me, there are two ways to wear a mask: one is for a photoshoot and the other is for a live show. For a live show, I have to belt that thing on so tight it gives me a migraine because I’m swinging my fucking head at the speed of sound and that thing can fly off at any second." (via Kerrang)

Taylor also chatted about life back on the road and the new album, 'We Are Not Your Kind.' Read the full interview HERE.