Dad Makes Baby Beer Bong To Help Daughter Gain Weight


Dad Level = Genius.

Before anyone freaks out and comes at him, look at how the nozzel is built. It's basically a bottle...with more fun ;) 

Basically, Dad, Rudy Willingham was told by doctors that his 8-month-old daughter needed to take in more calories before the next appointment. So, Dad levled up on the bottle and made a Baby Beer Bong!

His logic? This made him gain weight in college, so it should still work.

Dad shared the video on TikTok of him feeding daughter Lily. As you can notice there is a nipple attached to one end, and yes it is strictly reserved for formula!


Gained a ton of weight this way in college, so I figured it could do the same for her ##funny ##baby

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AND if you've ever struggled to get your child to eat or worried about gaining weight you can appreaciate the creativity level on this one!!!

It's no surprise that Rudy did have to tend to a few comments that it is in fact, 'a joke.'