Dad Teaches Kids Basic Skills On YouTube Channel


The best Dad!!! Rob Kenney unfortunately grew up without a father, and so he wants to help out any other kids who struggler with a broken family or absent parent.

Kenney's father abandoned him and his siblings at age 14, and he grew up to have a family of his own with 2 wonderful children. Once the kids grew up and moved out, he was struggling with that age old empty nest feeling.

So, he decided to spread the Dad knowledge online, in hopes of helping anyone out there who needed it.

Kenney started the YouTube channel 'Dad, How Do I?'  - Labeled as "Pracical 'Dadvice' for Everyday Tasks'
Each video teaches life skills that one would typically learn from either of your parents. Anything and everything from checking tire pressure...

to ironing a dress shirt!

It's solid advice, and his account has over 1.6 million subscribers after only a month live.