Does Wine Ninja or Whiskey Wizard mean anything to you? It should!


Usually when I'm invited to a Facebook group I hit decline. However the group name "Wine Ninja" had me intrigued. So I clicked and it opened a whole new world. I quickly accepted the invitation based on the chance of being gifted wine from a stranger. Sounds crazy, right? I know. I felt the same way. Until I came across videos of "Wine Ninja's" sneaking up to a strangers porch and dropping off a disclosed present. WINE, Starburst, candy bars, bath bombs and more. Why? You might be asking yourself. WHY NOT?! 

Facebook page discription:

Things are hard right now with the pandemic so why not brighten up someone's day or have your day brightened by random acts of kindness?
Females only can apply to the group to become a covid wine ninja or be gifted by one.
Join the group, find the album with your city!

This page caught on like wild fire. I believe upon being invited to Wine Ninja Alberta 2 weeks ago, it's grown in populartity to the tune of +20,000 members! 

For you gentlemen, word on the street there's a group for you too -  Whiskey Wizard! I don't have access but I have friend in HIGH places that can confirm it's pretty much the same thing as the ladies group Wine Ninja. 

- Pam - 

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