Dude Receives A Note From The Neighbour With A Can Of Beer Attached

note left

Walking to your vehicle and seeing a piece of paper on the windshield is never fun. First thing comes to mind 'damn did I get a ticket?!'. If it's not a ticket you start to second guess your park job. I know I do. If it's neither of those then it's a flyer from your local strip club. haha Same initial response when you see a note on your apartment door - not fun. Except in this case, Twitter user @binhcao posted about the note he receieved from his neighbor and it was unexpected praise. Praise regarding the music he's been playing. See below. 




Also left a beer with said note. Sounds like @binhcao has a pretty sweet neighbor! 

More on the story and for the playlist see HERE 

- Pam - 

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