Edmonton Woman Searching For Cabinet Containing Her Mother's Urn


Alright Edmonton, do your thing!

Kendrah Hodgson just recently moved into a new apartment in Callingwood, and while unloading belongings onto the walkway before carrying them inside - a VERY important keepsake went missing. 

Once the move was complete, Kendrah realized a cabinet was missing, and inside was an urn holding her Mother's ashes. 
Also in the cabinet alongside her mother's urn, were pictures jewelry, an ID, perfume and a small blue scarf. 

Kendrah is hoping that whoever has the cabinet may be holding onto it until they track her down. 

If you've seen anything about the cabinet or the belongings, you can contact Kendrah here:

Pls share especially if you live on the westside or Callingwood area!! While I was moving I put this cabinet on the...

Posted by Kendrah Hodgson on Saturday, May 1, 2021