Green Day To Announce 'Hella Mega Tour' This Week


We've had a few hints on social media here and there, and rumblings from Green Day on Instagram, but apparently all will be revealed tomorrow! (Sept. 10, 2019)

The 'Hella Mega Tour' is scheduled to be announced September 10 with Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy!

A video posted from @HellaMegaTour confirms the announce with a familair diddy from Billie Joe. The Instagram account is private, but the video was reposted by Green Day Authority (GDA)

This cryptic flyer was also handed out to concertgoers outside a Philadelphia-area venue last week:

In addition to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts (@HellaMegaTour), the website has been active for about a month. If you navigate to the site, you'll find only a sneaky GIF and a password prompt:

Can't wait!!! 

PLEASE tell me this means new music too!?!!?!?!?