Listen: Volbeat Shares Cover of Metallica's Don't Tread On Me


Another Metallica cover has dropped from the 30th Anniversary celebration of Metallica' Black Album.

'The Metallica Blacklist' features over 50 artists from all kinds of genres covering songs from Metallica's 5th studio album. 

So, why 'Don't Tread on Me' ?? Volbeat's Michael Poulson explains: "We didn’t want to touch any of the big hits on that album, which is quite difficult because they’re all hits, somehow. We were trying to pick a song that you don’t hear as much from that album, and the most important thing was to pick a song where we could transform it into a Volbeat song. 'Don’t Tread on Me' definitely had a swing that I could turn into a Volbeat swing, and it turned out really great." (via Loudwire)

The entire album and anniversary collection will be available September 10, 2021.